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How To Use Roku Device after Setup Roku?

Link your account with Roku

In the US, Roku is the online media streaming device. Therefore, you have to link your device to account. Moreover, you have to create your Roku account if you want to activate your Roku streaming device. Afterward, you need to activate your Roku account using your Roku activation pin code. We have to
perform some simple tasks to activate your Roku account.

  • Open your computer/laptop/smartphone & go to Roku official link by using any browser that you want
  • After that, you have to enter Roku activation pin code on this URL
  • Submit your "Roku activation code" to link your device
  • Further, you have to create a account
  • Moreover, you can sign to your existing Roku account
  • Click on “Create new Roku account” if you wish to use a new Roku account
  • After that, you need to provide some basic information like your name, your email and your password
  • Once you create your account, you can see the next page to complete the process
  • Furthermore, the next page includes payment method that you have to choose.
  • Choose either PayPal payment method or Credit card payment method
  • Enter your credit card details for Credit card payment method Or enter your PayPal account details for PayPal payment method
  • Afterward, create a unique Roku transaction PIN to ensure your account and your transactions
  • Finish your work Roku account activation process

Standard Guide 2020 - Use Roku Streaming Device:

This is also necessary to use your Roku device properly as well as maintain. Moreover, most of the users do not know the correct way of using a streaming device. From here, you can find the proper way of using the Roku streaming device. Firstly, you need to add some channels on your Roku device from the Roku channel store. Moreover, you can add channels from your Roku device, using your Roku account and your Roku mobile app. Here we will show you the steps to add channels from the different sources.

Easy Guidelines: Add Channels from Roku Channel Store?

Although this is easy to add channels on your streaming device, you need to perform some steps to add channels. Moreover, we are providing some steps that will help you to add channels on your Roku streaming device. Scroll down to find additional steps.

  • You need to use your Roku remote control to press buttons
  • Firstly, you have to press home sign button on your Roku remote control
  • Moreover, use button to scroll down and find the streaming and channels option on your remote control
  • Further, it will help you to open Roku channel store on your Roku device
  • Afterward, you can open Roku channel store on your Roku streaming device
  • Furthermore, use search option to find your channel easily
  • After that, you have to click on “Add Channel” option to add channel in your Roku channel list
  • If you wish to add a free Roku channel, simply click on add channel option
  • If you want to add the on-demand Roku channel, you have to click on “Buy $X.XX” to purchase your channel
  • Make payment to complete the process
  • Moreover, click on details option to find more detail about your channel
  • Once you add, complete the on-screen instructions and launch your channel on Roku device

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